Winnipeg Underground Film Festival

1961 Screen Shot

My film “1961” is being screened at the Winnipeg Underground Film Festival (WUFF) this evening.  From reels of 8mm film, purchased from an estate sale, my film “1961” is a found footage short that plays with the conventions of home movies, and the physicality of the film reels itself.

To create my film, I projected the 8mm reels onto a yellow wall to create a distinctly washed out look, while changing the speed of the projector, manipulating the reels, to create a uniquely smooth and yet choppy image.  I used my Canon 7D to record the images of my experimentation.

WUFF is an annual showcase for contemporary experimental film + video here in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  My film is apart of the opening night program The 90 Second, where all the films screened are 90 seconds or less.  It’s a jam packed showcase that reflects the energy and excitement of the festival itself, and I’m excited to have my film a part of this program.

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